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Whipped Cream and Irish Coffee

This is a truth, a fact, and not one of my modest exaggerations. Whipped cream can be an essential ingredient of a recipe, absolutely required by the laws of physics and chemistry. This post is clearly going to be different. It’s serious and scientific. Now, let’s just take a sideways step here. I know it’s…

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No Ordinary Whipped Cream

  For your dessert, your ice cream, or your hot chocolate, I think the best way to describe whipping cream is how a car salesman was describing a fire extinguisher to me: he called it a mandatory option. I did not buy from him. But I surely do agree that whipped cream is an option…

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Ideal Hot Chocolate with Caramel Whipped Cream

Okay, we still cannot put down the snow shovels. The East Coast is targeted once again. Here in New York City we missed last week’s two+ feet of snow.  But starting tonight we are getting a foot or more of our own. You can see people walking down the street, heads pointed at the sky.…

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