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Cucumber Mint Splash

                    It can be a bit of a challenge to come up with a flavorful cocktail in short order. A bartender is trained to do it, but at home we tend to move a bit slower. If you want a cool beverage, now and with no…

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Raspberry Martini

  “I don’t feel like a drink tonight,” Suzen said. It’s hot, she’s tired, and a bit over the edge. “Taste it,” I said. She sipped. She smiled. “Mine,” she said. Success. It’s a night when I’m tired too, it’s still hot in the Northeast, and I want something quick and refreshing. I bought raspberries…

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Spring Green Cucumber Martini

It’s spring, the season trademarked by the palette of green colors now arriving everywhere. Each new set of leaves from bushes and trees comes with its own native color, one that will gracefully mellow day by day until fall arrives. In our country home, our bedroom window looks out on a forest scene that has…

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