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Boston Lettuce Salad with Cream Dressing from Jacques Pepin

If you mention the name “Jacques Pepin” to someone at random, you stand a pretty good chance hearing, “That’s somebody I’ve heard of, although …” Foodies, of course, can pinpoint this name of one of the world’s top chefs. But non-foodies galore will look at you and struggle to answer. They have heard the name,…

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Pecan Meringue Cookies

I am a fan of meringue cookies, with fond remembrance of “Surprise Cookies” from my childhood. Mounds of meringue, colored yellow or green or red, and filled with chocolate chips. Fresh from the oven, the meringue was sugar heaven encasing those warm, gooey chips. Thing is, I have difficulty baking meringue cookies. One solution, posted…

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