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Veal Chops en Papillote by James Peterson

James Peterson is a name that any foodie will instantly recognize. His career as chef, restaurant owner and now distinguished writer has earned him accolades every step of the way. Who hasn’t opened Sauces and marveled at the details and scope of that award winner. Peterson is unique in his knowledge, both scientifically of how…

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Tuna Tonnato from Jean Anderson

Many, many years ago, when I was first entering the food world, I had the great privilege to partake in one of Anna Teresa Callen’s cooking classes. Anna Teresa orchestrated this masterful class in her classic West Village apartment. It was a doubly intoxicating experience. We had the wonderful smell of her cooking and the…

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Weiner Schnitzel

A hundred years ago, the most popular restaurants in New York City were German. German beer halls were dotted throughout the city and German cuisine was ubiquitous. What happened? Immigration slowed, the next generations married and moved away, and there were those two wars. The net effect is, if tonight you want to go to…

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