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Trout Salad from Patricia Wells

Patricia Wells’ latest book, Salad as a Meal, is a read that will drive you to the grocery store. The book is filled with a diversity of salad ideas, particularly because Patricia takes a very broad view of the term “salad.” In this recipe, she does the whole thing: starting with fresh trout, cooking them…

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Trout in Wine Sauce

Trout. I love trout. For me, it is the “alternative” fish. Growing up in Oregon salmon country, I had my fill of that orange fish. I lived on a major river and we could walk down to the bank, wave, and someone fishing in mid-river would motor over, cash and fish would be traded, and…

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Smoked Trout Salad

Feel like you want to be inspired but not sure how? Here’s the perfect platform for you to play with. This smoked trout salad is ideal for brunch or a party. We adapted the original recipe, from the Blue Ribbon Cookbook, adding some sweetness and crunchiness: dried cranberries and candied nuts. You can simply go…

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