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Cafe Pasquals Tomatillo Salsa

If you have not been to Santa Fe, New Mexico, then you need to find a way. Anytime of year there is wonderful. It’s postcard perfect. There is a spectacular famers’ market, charming streets for window shopping and restaurants that are unbelievable. Summer nights are hot but humid free with sunsets that just make you…

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Shrimp Tomatillo Cocktail

At Cooking by the Book in New York City, we do culinary outward bound events. Firms come to our kitchen and prepare a meal together, often with kitchen challenges. Their night’s menu has been set in advance, from a quarterly menu featuring fresh seasonal ideas. We are always amazed when so many firms pick the…

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Tomatillo Temptations Part 1

My first taste of green salsa was at a now long-gone New York City restaurant. The food there was good, the salsa amazing. I use to buy that green stuff by the pint and bring it home. The core ingredient in green salsa is the tomatillo. Often referred to as green tomatoes or Mexican tomatoes,…

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