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Thyme-Baked Mushrooms & Cranberry Beans with Roast Garlic Crème Fraiche from Diana Henry’s Simple

  We have been raised to think our taste buds can sense four things: salty, sour, sweet and bitter. It’s pretty clear now that there is a fifth: umami. It’s that distinctive flavor you get from roasting meats or veggies. Like mushrooms. This recipe is from the wonderful playground Simple by Diana Henry. It’s full…

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Tomato Crostata with Honey-Thyme Glaze from Melissa Clark

  A couple of weeks ago the Wednesday food section of The New York Times featured a photograph so big you’d have to be 20/500 not to have seen it. A tart, no a crostata with tomatoes and a shimmering honey-thyme glaze. Who would conceive of such a thing? Why Melissa Clark, of course. Suzen…

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