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Green Curry-Ginger Salad

Many of us love chicken. The flavor, the texture. Constant, never changing. Boring. Yes, I just said chicken is boring. I’m sorry, but too often we get “regular” chicken and every now and then our taste buds just rebel. Okay, we’re going to have chicken but can we please just have something exciting. Enter Casual…

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Spin in Austin: A New High in Thai

If by chance you are in Austin and you long for some good Thai food, then you need to go to Spin at 14005 North US Highway 183, Suite 100. Austin is booming and the north side is one endless string of strip malls. Except this strip mall is nice. And this food is not…

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Green Papaya Salad

Whenever I eat Asian food I feel healthy. Okay, not when I gobble the dumplings or the deep fried goodies from my local Chinese spot. But, in principal, most Asian cuisine is breathtaking, in terms of taste and aroma and visual appeal, while being truly a very healthy alternative. Brian and I are lucky. We…

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