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Teambuilding by the Columbia Culinary Society

At Cooking by the Book, we specialize in culinary team building. What is that? It’s a group coming into the kitchen and cooking together — and having that experience be more than just fun. We make it a learning experience where team skills can be explored and improved. Recently, a team from Barnard — students and alumnae — gathered in our kitchen for just such an event. Their description of the experience can give you some insights into how culinary team building can benefit your organization.

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Suzen O’Rourke


Coming Up: How To Enjoy Cooking In Groups

Over the years, many people have told us about their concern in hosting a dinner party. They don’t want to become nuts worrying about the details, the planning and the actual cooking. With all the cookbooks out there and all those websites filled with indivdual recipes, people are still stymied at how to create a full menu for that party: is a particular recipe really doable, what recipe goes with what, how do you time all those recipes to be ready at the right time? No, it’s not simple, but we can help.

We’ve heard these worries over and over again here at Cooking by the Book. Our philosophy has always been to have a group of people help out with the tasks: break down those recipes to manageable parts and delegate!!! Everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen anyway, so, besides a glass of wine, give each person an apron and a little job to do.

We are going to introduce a series of blog posts to help you do just that. We’ll suggest entire menus of tested recipes and suggest how to break down the tasks. Your entire team of friends or colleagues can help you out in the kitchen. And then everyone dines on that culinary achievement they all helped to produce.

Suzen O’Rourke

President, Cooking by the Book