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Teambuilding by the Columbia Culinary Society

At Cooking by the Book, we specialize in culinary team building. What is that? It’s a group coming into the kitchen and cooking together — and having that experience be more than just fun. We make it a learning experience where team skills can be explored and improved. Recently, a team from Barnard — students…

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Coming Up: How To Enjoy Cooking In Groups

Over the years, many people have told us about their concern in hosting a dinner party. They don’t want to become nuts worrying about the details, the planning and the actual cooking. With all the cookbooks out there and all those websites filled with indivdual recipes, people are still stymied at how to create a…

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The Door: Cooking for the Community

Opening Doors Some of our clients are accelerating their lives by improving their teams and, at the same time, outreaching to their community. At CBTB we have our new Opening Doors program. Teams come to CBTB, cook together, eat together and enjoy all the culinary activities of our regular teambuilding event. But there’s a generous…

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Cooking Time!