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Mini Tarts with Many Fillings from Fingerfood for Super Bowl

  Here is another Super Bowl recipe from Fingerfood by Elsa Petersen-Schepelern. There is something about mini tarts that makes everyone beam with pleasure. The smile appears even before the first bite. It is the “private” nature of each tart. A “whole” tart, right there, right for you. And, in Elsa’s scheme here, that plate…

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TART IT UP! This Wednesday at Cooking by the Book

  Americans talk about pie. Deep dish pie, filled with fruit. See, you have visions of apples dancing in your head, don’t you? And in Europe, the word is tart. Elegant, refined, and not too deep. Europeans love tarts and, unlike us, have equally admiration for both sweet and savory versions. This Wednesday, Cooking by…

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