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Salmon, Tomato and Dill Sauce: A Tapas Treat

Tapas dishes can be simple yet delicious. Or they can be a bit complex and totally delicious. This is the latter. It’s a fabulous dish that will awe anyone who eats it. The prep time here includes peeling tomatoes, a necessary step to make sure that the texture of all the components is delightfully consistent.…

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Chilled Onion, Carrot and Mushroom Salad

Spain is famous for its perfect climate of heat, one that creates distinctive flavors in wine and olive oil. Culinarily, Spain has been hot for a decade. Its fabulous restaurants and inventive chefs have had world-wide influence. If you’ve eaten a foam dish, it’s because of Spain. Long before foam, Spanish cuisine gave us tapas,…

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Roasted Olive Appetizers

I am not a fan of olives. I just never got into them. I love foods with a tang: capers, anchovies, and vinegars. But olives, no, I find the flavor too intense and direct. I have been told, by my olive-loving wife, that I just need to taste more. I have yet to summon the…

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