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Grapefruit Syrup

From earlier posts on this blog, you know I love cocktails that have a fruit base. A citrus syrup is the ideal beginning for a variety of cocktails. This recipe for grapefruit syrup was included in an earlier blog for a Grapefruit Martini, and I’m elevating it here so that you consider it and possibly…

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Chocolate Syrup

It’s there. Somewhere. On a back shelf. Up high. In that brown can or plastic bottle. By now it might resemble something concocted by Stephen King, except this is real, not fiction. I am speaking, of course, about that container of chocolate syrup in your fridge. If you have children, then there is the possibility…

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Brian’s Blue Grapefruit Martini

Sometimes I am a bartender, finding an interesting recipe and following its directions to a tee. And other times I become a mixologist, treating my home bar like a chemistry lab. My mixology moments come when I simply want something different, or when what I just made is not satisfying, or when both these events…

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