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Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Whiskey Hard Sauce

  “No, you got it wrong.” Suzen said. “Again.” “Suzen, the recipe you gave me said sweet potatoes. I wrote the blog based on that.” “Change it, Sweetie.” So I am. This wonderful, wonderful dessert is made with pumpkin, not sweet potatoes. Point of full disclosure: one of us at Cooking by the Book did…

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Whiskey Sour with Clove and Sweet Potato Syrup

Please continue to read all of this. Yes, there is diatribe at the beginning, but the beverage that results from all this is spectacular. Really, it is. Ah, the political conventions are over and we have been enlightened and informed. One person said our economic problems were so bad that no one could have solved…

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Cookbook Recommendation: Eat Feed Autumn Winter by Anne Bramley

When is summer over? About 90% of the leaves have fallen from our trees. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves and face facts: it is not going to be 80° outside for a long, long time. Given the price of heating oil, it is never going to be 80° inside! So we’ve conceded to the…

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