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Chef Daniel O’Rourke’s 45 Minute Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  My twin grandsons are mirror twins. That’s like being a SUPERTWIN. They look alike, but they “mirror” certain things. One is right handed, and his mirror brother is left-handed. One is artsy, and one is analytical. One is destined to be a chef and the other will be his lawyer. That’s Chef Daniel in…

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Strawberry-Habanero Marinade for Spareribs [the ones that come from pigs and not cows]

“Oh, careful,” I said. “Your hair is going into the sauce. What’s wrong?’ We were at a local barbeque spot and for some reason Suzen was dipping her head right into her food. “What’s wrong?” I repeated. “You can be so embarrassing,” Suzen expressed herself. “What did I do?” “When the waiter brought your spareribs,”…

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Strawberry Aqua Fresca, Once Again

363 days ago, on July 23, 1010, I wrote this post on a hot day. Now, in 2011, much of the United States is baking in an even more intense heat wave. While many of us love the heat, it’s a time to be careful. We all need plenty of good fluids. Sodas and alcohol…

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