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Thanksgiving Ideas: Chile Cheese Strata from HOT!

Is this busy week, you may not want every meal day to be a heavy one. And, you may need a recipe that can impress folks yet demand little time and effort. You may even want to avoid meat, doing a little voluntary abstinence for that turkey. Here’s a very lovely idea from HOT! by…

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Bacon and Red Pepper Strata from Bacon 24/Seven by Theresa Gilliam

I hear the word “strata” and I think Italy and cheese. I think of centuries of Italian home cooks testing, refining, personalizing this wonderful breakfast casserole dish. Oh, dear. It’s American. And the first recipe only appeared a century ago in 1902 with bread and cheese but no eggs. When did stratas become popular and…

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Cheese Strata: Brunch Decadence

Yesterday’s post talked about team building and brunch and families. Suzen has created a brunch menu that is targeted towards that first team you probably had: your family. Yes, you have fought and argued and scrambled with you siblings and parents. But, everybody eats. Every family. Even my family almost always waved a white flag…

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