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Turkey Stock for Gravy

Gravy. After blood, the most precious liquid known to man. And that turkey gravy recipe you have may well call for using turkey stock. Here is a fast, easy, but delicious stock recipe from The New Thanksgiving Table by Diane Morgan. This recipe uses those “extra turkey parts” or giblets stuffed inside your turkey. Or…

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Gravy Making Tips

Earlier this week I blogged Arrows Roast Turkey. I have a big bird in the oven now and is following that recipe to the letter. That recipe has gravy instructions which are terrific. Still, many people feel rushed or overwhelmed by the time the turkey is out, carving is imminent and somehow perfect gravy has…

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Risotto with Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone

If I say “rice” your mind may immediately conjure up images of Chinese or other Asian cuisines. Rice is just not the first thing that pops into our Italy-means-only-pasta minds. But in the north of Italy, short grain rice is the staple and risotto — which literally means “little rice” — comes in an infinite…

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