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Fresh Sour Mix

When making cocktails, a sweet-sour mix is a staple for your bar. Yes, you can buy mixes in a bottle and they do have “soury” taste. But they don’t taste fresh and bright. Cocktails have few ingredients and if one of them is less than superior, you are not going to get the beverage you…

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Honest Whisky Sour

There are times when you want the original. The real original. Not the new thing, not the bottled thing, not the artificial thing. We’ve had two days of sunshine with scattered clouds and snow showers. It’s beautiful to have golden sunlight dash each flake as it drifts down. It’s also a sign from God to…

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Cranberry Daiquiri with Homemade Lime Sour Mix

Here’s the perfect cocktail for Thanksgiving. Red, cold, bright. The recipe calls for Cranberry Cordial, and I’ve just blogged that recipe. You’ll also need some Lime Sour Mix, and the recipe follows below. I make this drink each Thanksgiving, using our homemade cranberry cordial. It’s a tradition you too will enjoy. This drink comes from…

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