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Best Ever Split Pea Soup from Good Enough to Eat

Around the corner from us in Tribeca years ago, there was a glorious neighborhood spot called Good Enough to Eat. Our version is long gone but there is still an outpost uptown. Of course, Downtowners never go uptown so … The food was lovely and has been perfectly captured in the Good Enough to Eat…

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Tartine Stale Bread Soup

I pride myself on my baking. It has only taken, what, about twenty years to get good at it. But I bake bread and it is very, very good bread. I bring it to every dinner party Brian and I go to, and each hostess is delighted to serve it, warmed with butter on the…

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Shrimp Bisque

Bread & Water + Tomatoes = Gazpacho

“Do you hit your wife during the night?” the man asked me. I hesitated to answer. The question was stark. And, I have always maintained that what happens between me and Suzen in the privacy of our bedroom is, well private. “No, Doctor, he does not,” Suzen answered. “Good,” the doctor responded. “That means you…

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