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A Meal for Mothers’ Day: Rice and Cabbage Minestra

Mothers’ Day approaches. Fathers and children are perplexed. You would love to cook a wonder for Mom, but, let’s face it, the kitchen is her domain. Her cooking skills are better than yours, much better. Now what? Time for a history lesson. Before there was a Rome, Central and Northern Italy had a wonderful civilization…

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Best Ever Split Pea Soup from Good Enough to Eat

Around the corner from us in Tribeca years ago, there was a glorious neighborhood spot called Good Enough to Eat. Our version is long gone but there is still an outpost uptown. Of course, Downtowners never go uptown so … The food was lovely and has been perfectly captured in the Good Enough to Eat…

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Tartine Stale Bread Soup

I pride myself on my baking. It has only taken, what, about twenty years to get good at it. But I bake bread and it is very, very good bread. I bring it to every dinner party Brian and I go to, and each hostess is delighted to serve it, warmed with butter on the…

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Shrimp Bisque