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Apricot Soufflé from Alice Waters

  Those are apricots from our local farmers’ market. How do you get them into a soufflé? Ah, there is an intermediate step. You need some Apricot Jam. This recipe for the soufflé comes from The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters and, yes, there is an apricot jam recipe in the The Art.…

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Sweet Potato Souffle from The Cast Iron Skillet

This recipe is brought to you thanks to the kindness of Sasquatch Books. They sent me a review copy of The Cast Iron Skillet. It sits in my upstate house, buried in snow. Suzen and I haven’t tried to get upstate in three week. We have plenty of snow, and ice, right here in Manhattan.…

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Individual Goat Cheese Souffles from James Peterson

On Valentine’s Day, Cooking by the Book featured a special Bubbles and Bites menu with all the dishes coming from James Peterson’s Glorious French Food. “Glorious” is the right adjective for the armada of wonderful dishes that parade across the pages of this book. For our menu, we offered: Individual Goat Cheese Soufflés Roast Duck…

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