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Tiny’s Smoothies from Pike Place Market

Seattle is famous for many things but food wise the top spot has to be Pike Place Market. This is the oldest continually operated farmers market in the country, starting in 1907. There is a three story neon sign that says Public Market Center, and for locals the official name for a while was Pike…

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Chef Daniel O’Rourke’s 45 Minute Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  My twin grandsons are mirror twins. That’s like being a SUPERTWIN. They look alike, but they “mirror” certain things. One is right handed, and his mirror brother is left-handed. One is artsy, and one is analytical. One is destined to be a chef and the other will be his lawyer. That’s Chef Daniel in…

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The Vitamixes Have Arrived

                                                                      We very, very happy these days at Cooking by the Book. We have just received four powerful Vitamix blenders for…

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