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Brian’s Grapefruit Shrub Margarita or the Swift Paloma

  I love margaritas and all their variations. Thing is, sometimes I want a margarita on the spot. No, I don't want to turn to a commercial "margarita" mix with artificial citrus flavor and preservatives. The wonder about a margarita is the power of the fresh citrus. For me, of course, "fresh" can mean preserved…

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Grapefruit Shrub from A Modern Guide to Sherry

m4s0n501 Shrubs are making a comeback and deservedly so. Not the shrubs you plant. It's the shrumbs you drink. With delight. Actually, the term "shrub" covers both the ultimate beverage and the “drinking vinegar” that is its flavor base. A vinegared syrup is mixed with spirits, water, or carbonated water and enjoyed as a most…

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Raspberry Shrub Syrup and Beverage

  Man goes into a bar. [Sorry, for timing reasons it has to be a man.] The bar is in New York City. The man pulls his stool up to the edge of the bar. Sawdust shuffles as the stool legs scrape along the floor. The bartender, large and flush, says, “What’ll you have?” The…

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