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Toasted Rye Buns from Fika

I recently posted a review of Fika by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall. It’s a Swedish collection of little treats to be shared over coffee, from dawn to dusk and beyond. These toasted rye buns are ideal for jam anytime or you spread with butter and top with cheese and apple slices for lunch. That’s…

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Caraway Rye Biscuits from Around the Southern Table by Sarah Belk

Here’s another American classic from Around the Southern Table by Sarah Belk. Southern Table is a tour de force of historic dishes with a trove of culinary history in the headnotes. In colonial America, white flour was priced at a premium. So the colonists would make “thirded flour” with equal portions of white flour, cornmeal…

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Suzen’s Apple and Rye Stuffing

There is a lovely work called the Thanksgiving Cookbook by Holly Garrison that has a Calvados Rye Stuffing. I’ve blogged the recipe and we loved it. Thing is, this Thanksgiving our grandson Daniel was with us. It just seemed a bit of a stretch to incorporate that Calvados into something a 12-year old was about…

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