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Acapulco Is a Nice Place and a Great Drink

I’ve never been in Acapulco. I hope to get there soon but right now I’m working on issues. Here’s today’s conundrum. What if you want great cocktail, perhaps something really new to your beverage portfolio, and you want it now. How are go going to find it and how easy will it be to make?…

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Frozen Mango Daiquiri

This week’s blogs are focused on foodie needs for the Super Bowl.  While you may be watching from somewhere with a chill factor of zero or below, the game will be in warm Miami.  And I’ve just blogged some spicy nachos to nibble on.  So, what you all need is a cooling beverage that matches those Miami…

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The Mojito Trio: Classic, Mango, and Kiwi

I am not a subtle person.  I describe myself as incisive.  Other people might use other adjectives.  I can be intense and I cook and make drinks that way.  A teaspoon of cinnamon?  Oh, no, two is better.  I can draw a very evil stare from Suzen when I’ve overdone it. Still, she likes my…

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