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Red Velvet Cake Roll from Flo Braker

  “What do you think of this?” Suzen showed me a picture. Quite an attractive picture. “You know I’m color blind,” I said. “Blue-green. Not red. You don’t run red lights.” “Not with you in the car,” I said. “So? What do you think?” “I think it’s spectacular.” Actually, I could barely contain myself. This…

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Buche de Noel for Holiday Entertaining

“We need to discuss this,” Suzen said. I didn’t know why. It was a simple request. “Sit down,” she said. I did. “What is your last name?” she asked. “Now wait a minute,” I objected, “I’ve taken all my meds.” ‘What is your last name,” she repeated. “O’Rourke,” I said. No use lying about that.…

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