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Nana’s Potato Rolls

It’s kinda interesting to watch. I mean, I’ve literally seen water evaporate off the dessert floor. But rolls? They can evaporate, too. That pan of Nana’s Potato Rolls was put in front of my grandsons and I turned around — and I did go get a coffee and the paper — and when I was…

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Soft Barbeque Rolls by Stephen Schmidt

A long time ago, our friend Stephen Schmidt gave us the recipe for these barbeque rolls. Yes, they are softer than Charmin. No, they do not have to be used with barbeque. Oh, with pulled pork and sauce? You’d think you were in the The Carolinas or maybe Texas Hill Country. But really, these wonderful…

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Best Dinner Rolls for Thanksgiving: White Bread 101

“Rolls?” I smiled. Hopefully. Pleadingly. “Yes,” Suzen said. “Not for you,” she emphasized. “But, but, I want rolls. Comfort food.” “These are for Rian. For his dinner party.” Suzen apparently had contracted her services out. “Oh,” I said with a long face. The aromatic gems were just out of the oven and they smelled so…

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