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Risotto with Smoked Salmon from Tales of Risotto

    Sunday night is becoming our risotto night, thanks to Tales of Risotto. The fifty recipes in Tales cover every season and seemingly every season. Last summer in Seattle we went crabbing as a family. And we got lots of smoked salmon, too. No, we did not catch the salmon. We actually, actually, bought…

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Risotto with Gorgonzola Cheese from Tales of Risotto

Tales of Risotto is one of those little gems that you will enjoy for years. Written by Jean Govoni Salvadore and Luciano Parolari, Tales says it will lead you on Culinary Adventures from Villa d’Este, a magnificent hotel on the shores of Lake Como. Chef Parolari is known as the King of Risotto. That is…

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Risotto with Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone

If I say “rice” your mind may immediately conjure up images of Chinese or other Asian cuisines. Rice is just not the first thing that pops into our Italy-means-only-pasta minds. But in the north of Italy, short grain rice is the staple and risotto — which literally means “little rice” — comes in an infinite…

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