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Mr. Piggy’s Revenge: Grilled Chipotle Baby Back Ribs [or the best ribs you’ll ever have in your life]

This is a long post, but worth it. Why? This is about the best pork ribs you will ever have in your life. Ever, anywhere, anytime. And it all started because I was seriously rib-deprived. “How was the Q?” Suzen asked me. I had just returned from two weeks in Austin and, true to family,…

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Chinese BBQ Ribs [Yes, You Can!]

Just Grill This by Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy, is one of those books you might take a quick glance at and then just pass on by. Sam’s picture on the cover of this paperback is intentionally nerdish and this clearly is one of those guy‑beer‑meat‑grill books that you might not have high expectations for.…

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The Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolone

A winter weekend can be as busy as a summer one.  True, we may stay indoors a bit more, but there are errands, house tasks, and of course the Sunday papers to devour.  There isn’t always time to spend hours of attention to cooking yet we all look forward to having a great weekend meal. …

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