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Canadian Cranberry Confit with Onions and Raisins

For Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys, it seems that cranberry sauce is as mandatory as mashed potatoes. You may eat cranberries only once or twice a year, but now is the time. The question, though, is this: how can I get a miraculous sauce from those brilliant, bitter, and radiant berries. When it comes to sauces,…

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Cilantro, Raisin and Almond Rice [Not my Grandmother’s]

  Have you ever done something that seemed strange, maybe wrong, but you did not know why and you just did it anyway? I really never thought about it growing up. My grandmother did it, taught me, and always seemed naturally comfortable doing it. It was one of my earliest food memories. I knew, of…

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Oat Scones with Cranberries and Walnuts

“I said a bite, not half.” Sometimes my husband can be a pig. “I, um, uh,” Brian kept chewing. “I actually like this.” “So did I.” I turned, walked back into Amy’s Bread at Chelsea Markets at 15th Street. Before the Meat District became upscale, I worked just across the street in my family’s printing…

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