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The Italians Are Coming: Aperol to the Beverage Rescue

It’s a dinner party for Suzen and me tomorrow. Small in number but wide in flavor interests. We have four guests coming and there will be a fresh corn salsa that all will enjoy. After that, it can be challenging. The four people have quite different beverage likes and dislikes. How can you easily meet…

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Brian’s Apricot Paradise

                                                    Apricots. It’s been a wet and cold spring, but the first apricots have arrived. Small, yet intense in flavor, they provide the mixologist true opportunity. Instead of a peaches…

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Blood Peach Bellini from 101 Blender Drinks

For a Sunday brunch, particularly an Easter Sunday, here’s a snappy adaptation of the classic Bellini. The peaches are still here, but champagne is replaced by sweeter Proseco. There’s some peach liquor and blood orange juice. It’s part Mimosa, part Bellini, and it’s wonderful. The genius of this recipe comes from 101 Blender Drinks, Kim…

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