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Easter Sunday Brunch Cocktails: Beyond the Mimosa

Easter Sunday is the ultimate brunch Sunday. Millions of us will throng to restaurants and many millions more will be home preparing a feast. A festive beverage is a necessity. For many of us, Brunch = Mimosa. Nothing can surpass a glass of champagne splashed with fresh orange juice. Its dominance as the brunch-beverage is…

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Cookbook Review: Vodka Distilled by Tony Abou-Garmin + The Sgroppino [vokda + limoncello + prosecco + serbert!]

Vokda. The things I did not know, or suspect and was wrong. In 2010, after 30 years of mixology experience, Tony Abou-Garmin wrote the hit book The Modern Mixologist [no, I haven’t reviewed it here, but I will]. Tony has worked everywhere perfecting his craft. At Po with Mario Batali in that shoe-box sized spot…

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Aperol + Prosecco

When Brian and I first visited Italy, we naturally sampled every delicacy and delight we could find. In a dockside bar in Bari, we asked for our first sample of  Compari. It was, to be carefully truthful, an experience. My husband, Mr. Sweetness, looked as if cardiac arrest were imminent. The look of surprise was…

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