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Pineapple and Cucumber Gaucamole

Since Cinco de Mayo is today, a Thursday, there is a chance it may lap over into the weekend. You might face endless rounds of guacamole. You might get bored. You have an option, a guacamole with other flavors that you won’t have encountered before. Sweet, rather than overpowering hot. Very chunky instead of mashed.…

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Brian’s Frozen Banana Pineapple Calmer

To be fair, it was my fault. To be honest, he should have known better. Most evenings my kitchen is filled with 20 or more people cooking a meal together. Cooking by the Book is a leader in culinary team building, so we have firms from around the world coming to learn and laugh and…

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Golden Glow Salad with Pineapple and Carrots

Early in the history of Cooking by the Book, Suzen had a large, long and serious job. She was the major test kitchen for the 1996 Edition of The Joy of Cooking. Then for the 75th Anniversary Edition in 2006, she was the test kitchen. Every recipe was tested in our kitchen. What does that…

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