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Chile Rellenos Filled with Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts and Corn from Mexican Flavors

I remember my first time. Well, my first good time. Well, my first good relleno, not really a time. I’d had rellenos a few times before but had never understood why people liked them. My experiences had been greasy, awkwardly flavored, falling apart on the plate. In a phrase: disgusting failures. In Santa Fe, a…

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Thanksgiving Wild Rice Stuffing with Pine Nuts, Dried Apricots, and Fresh Herbs

“Our garden herbs are still fresh, right?” I asked. “Yes,” Suzen said. “And you love pine nuts, right?” “What do you want, Brian.” She was now on alert. “Well, I found this stuffing recipe that uses them and I just thought …” “Let me see,” she asked and extended her hand for the cookbook I…

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Savory Palmiers from Ina Garten

Palmier? Your mind instantly thinks of a wide, thin sweet pasty, laden with sugar. Perhaps paired with a cappuccino in a Paris café. They are big and they are a meal. A savory palmier? That’s got to be an oxymoron. How could you possibly make something that is not sweet, or, worse, potentially even healthy?…

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