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TART IT UP! This Wednesday at Cooking by the Book

  Americans talk about pie. Deep dish pie, filled with fruit. See, you have visions of apples dancing in your head, don’t you? And in Europe, the word is tart. Elegant, refined, and not too deep. Europeans love tarts and, unlike us, have equally admiration for both sweet and savory versions. This Wednesday, Cooking by…

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Perfect Pies by MIchele Stuart

I was just leaving Michele’s Pies in Norwalk, Ct, when Suzen called to check on me. “How was it?” “Great. She’s fascinating.” “How much pie did you eat?” “Not a piece. I was doing an interview,” I protested. “How many pies did you buy?” “Not a one.” “That’s very hard to believe,” Suzen commented. “I…

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