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Black Pepper Syrup

  That picture is the incredible residue from making Black Pepper Syrup. The syrup is for beverages. There is a beverage idea just below and a full blown beverage recipe coming tomorrow. I investigate several black peppery syrup recipes but this is the one I like because it uses far more pepper — a full…

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Black Pepper Brownies: A Correction

It’s very comforting to know people read the recipes posted here. And they find my errors. Here’s a big one. I blogged the Black Pepper Brownies from Maida Heatter recently and what did I leave out? The black pepper. How embarrassing. I should not blog at 2AM. This recipe needs 1 teaspoon of black pepper.…

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Watermelon Gazpacho from Austin

On Wednesday, we were in Olive, New York. It was snowing a bit. The daffodils held their heads up nobly. Suzen searched for the car keys and escape. Today, Saturday, we are in Austin. No immediate threat of snow. Suzen is basking in the heat. But to offset the 90°, our daughter-in-law Michele supplied a…

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