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Pecan Meringue Cookies

I am a fan of meringue cookies, with fond remembrance of “Surprise Cookies” from my childhood. Mounds of meringue, colored yellow or green or red, and filled with chocolate chips. Fresh from the oven, the meringue was sugar heaven encasing those warm, gooey chips. Thing is, I have difficulty baking meringue cookies. One solution, posted…

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Fruit Crisp with Spiced Pecan Topping

I went to graduate school studying applied mathematics, in particular optimization theory. At the time, some of the biggest users of the optimization techniques were the airlines. They were struggling with how to do scheduling, sizing of aircraft, and optimizing their selection of cities. Been on a flight recently? That airline thingy did not work…

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Bacon, Blue Cheese and Pecan Cocktail Cookies

Most, well actually all, of my family members disagree with my earnest belief that it is sometimes appropriate to begin a meal with cookies. I know that I am right, and this recipe proves it. Okay, it’s a savory cookie with bacon, but it is a cookie for sure. Soft, filled with the complementary flavors…

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