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Thanksgiving Peas, Please [Cracked Pepper and Butter Peas with Parmesan from Diane Morgan]

“They want a green vegetable,” Suzen said to me. “God, not green beans. Please, I can’t do it.” We were discussing our hosts’ requests for what to bring on Thanksgiving. This year we’ve opted to share the holiday with lovely friends. There will be wine, noise, shared cooking, and wine. Good wine. “I’m researching,” I…

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Chicken with Rosemary Dumplings

I have the flu. Not pleasant. But being an optimist, I always seek to make the best out of a bad situation. “How are you?” Suzen asked. “Awful,” I said. Then I coughed. She grimaced. She can’t take me being sick. I coughed again. Softening her up. “Do you want anything?” she said. “Well,” I…

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