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Parsnip Fries from Eat Drink Shine

I recently posted a review of Eat Drink Shine, from authors who are triplets and who share the Shine restaurant in Boulder. They strike a great balance in this book, offering healthy ideas, without sacrificing culinary happiness. And the book has bright ideas to expand your recipe repertoire. Try these parsnip fries as alternative to…

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Cake of Parsnip, Apple, Pecan and Maple Syrup from Big Flavors from a Small Kitchen

Yes, parsnips for dessert. I’m fine. Really. No need to adjust my meds. Taste buds are fine. I’m looking forward to spring. But in the lingering days of winter, there is the possibility here to do wonderful things with interesting foods. Have you ever in your life eaten a parsnip? In a soup? As part…

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Honey Roasted Parsnip, Carrot and Shallot Tart from Home Grown Harvest

“You should try Home Grown Harvest, too,” the publicist for Ryland, Peters and Small said to me. She was being so cooperative and charming. I had called her to get some samples of baking books, books filled with warm, gooey, sugary things. And here she was telling me that I ought to consider vegetables. “Okay,”…

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