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Gigi Marinated Olives

What was your first olive experience? Mine was a childhood sniff of a martini with this green thing filled with red stuff sitting in a pool of alcohol. Not a good start. And as a consequence, I’ve never been an olive fan. I will occasionally try to “reboot” olive-wise but it always leave me wincing.…

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Classic Olive Tapenade with Capers and Anchovies

m4s0n501 Yesterday’s post, on capers, mentioned the specialty book Anchovies, Olives and Capers by Georgeanne Brennan. Those three Mediterranean ingredients all have some common characteristics: intensity of flavor, easily recognized flavor, and saltiness from their preparation. What would happen if you combined all three? Well the French asked and answered that question long ago. Here…

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Roasted Olive Appetizers

I am not a fan of olives. I just never got into them. I love foods with a tang: capers, anchovies, and vinegars. But olives, no, I find the flavor too intense and direct. I have been told, by my olive-loving wife, that I just need to taste more. I have yet to summon the…

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