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Classic Chewy Oatmeal Cookies from Cooks Illustrated

  By now you may have heard about management changes at Cooks Illustrated magazine. While who running America’s Test Kitchen is not your most important priority in life, the quality of their recipes just may be quite important. Many of us look to Cooks each month for the best in both recipes and the cooking…

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Brian’s No-Bake Coffee Drops

    I’ve posted before a recipe called Nuni’s No-Bake Cookies. Stashed in the middle of Cookie Time by Marilyn Miller Wasbotten, this recipe was one I remembered from childhood. I had lost the recipe but not the memories. Once I had Cookie Time, I made and made these treats. But, I made just them.…

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One-Pot Honey-Oatmeal Cookies

    The introduction to Simply Sensational Cookies by Nancy Baggett has three subpoints: ·         Times change. ·         People change. ·         Cookies do, too. This is not just another cookie book. This is a very wonderful, refreshing, and important book. It’s about more than mere change. This book revolutionizes cookies. And in the course of…

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