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Roasting Nut and Coconut

Baking, particularly cookies, often involves nuts or coconut. And there in that recipe you’ll see the suggestion that they be toasted. My first reaction: ah, gee, do I have to? I revert to being a 6-year old told to clean up his room. The thing is, toasting these ingredients really is important to bring out…

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Candied Bacon Cashews

This recipe is for anyone who loves cashews, bacon, and sugar. Okay, it’s not a kosher recipe, but in that case you can see how to quickly modify this for use in Israel, Muslim lands, or places where bacon is not loved. This is a brilliant way to serve up cashews in a different format.…

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Candied Nuts

For this weekend’s party, I want things to be spectacularly different. For apps, we are including nuts, but it’s not a matter now of just opening up a can or bag. We want to do more. What can you do with nuts? Why, candy them. Now, we’re making an appetizer, not dessert, but it will…

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