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Bouillabaisse Accompanied by Rouille

  “What am I gonna eat?” I asked. I happen to be a little allergic to shellfish. Like deathly allergic. For her hands on cooking class at Cooking by the Book, Suzi had piles of clams and mussels and shrimp. “I have some meatballs,” Suzi smiled at me.  She seemed fine. Not mad. There was…

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Curried Mussels with Sweet Red Pepper from Gillian Duffy

What more is there to say? You look at this picture from Hors d'Oeuvres and you simply want to pluck that mussel off the page and indulge. Unfortunately, it’s only a picture. You need a trip to your fish market. In Hors d’Oeuvres, author Gillian Duffy offers an array of appetizers from the simple to the…

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Steamed Mussels with Cream, Saffron and Mint from James Peterson

“It looks beautiful,” I said to Suzen. “The smell is great.” “Try one,” she dared me. I passed. Allergies. My next mussel is her next inheritance. It was Valentine’s Day and Suzen’s feast for class — Bubbles and Bites — was this marvelously rich and beautiful dish form James Peterson. The combination of mussels with…

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