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Molasses Rum Barbeque Sauce

  Winter? What winter? We don’t need no freezing winter? It’s warm enough to go outside and barbeque! Time to toss aside those snow shovels that loyally sat at the ready for months. Time to dig out the barbeque tongs, the chips, the gas, and get grilling. License to Grill was published 15 years ago.…

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Brian’s Baked Beans, Augmented Style

In upstate New York today, it was in the high 60s so that Halloween snow is gone. But more snow is on the way. That’s why this was a Kindling Day. Warm, blue sky, no snow or ice. The perfect day to gather firewood and kindling. There may not be another day like this until…

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Smoked Chipotle Baked Beans

Slow food versus fast food. Slow food versus very slow food. Long cooking times can enable flavors and textures that simply are not possible with a microwave, a deep fryer or a simple broiler. Here’s a perfect example. You start with cooked white beans, adorn them with a parade of additional flavors and let the…

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