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Tuaca Tuacito

Here’s a distinctive variation of the mojito cocktail. To begin, I am the dream customer for product packagers. I see something on the shelf and I’m very likely to grab it without fully understanding what that product really is. But the packaging is so seductive that I succumb. It can be embarrassing. In a liqueur…

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The Mojito Trio: Classic, Mango, and Kiwi

I am not a subtle person.  I describe myself as incisive.  Other people might use other adjectives.  I can be intense and I cook and make drinks that way.  A teaspoon of cinnamon?  Oh, no, two is better.  I can draw a very evil stare from Suzen when I’ve overdone it. Still, she likes my…

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Too Much Mint and Not Enough Summer

I would like to offer you some very luscious beverage ideas from three wonderful books.  But first, … Mint.  I grew up in a Brooklyn suburb.  Concrete in front and grass in the back with standard flowers and shrubs.  No herbs.  No mint. During the week I am still a city girl.  From my Manhattan…

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