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Cucumber Martini

                                    Cucumbers are wonderfully versatile and refreshing. The flavor is unmatched for vivacious clarity. And while it once was a summer food alone, now we find great kukes year round. In a cocktail, the bright flavor of cucumbers…

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Raspberry Martini

  “I don’t feel like a drink tonight,” Suzen said. It’s hot, she’s tired, and a bit over the edge. “Taste it,” I said. She sipped. She smiled. “Mine,” she said. Success. It’s a night when I’m tired too, it’s still hot in the Northeast, and I want something quick and refreshing. I bought raspberries…

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Brian’s Blue Grapefruit Martini

Sometimes I am a bartender, finding an interesting recipe and following its directions to a tee. And other times I become a mixologist, treating my home bar like a chemistry lab. My mixology moments come when I simply want something different, or when what I just made is not satisfying, or when both these events…

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