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Tomato-Vanilla Bean Marmalade from Tomatomania!

In Tomatomania! authors Scott Daigre and Jenn Garbee offer this unexpected mixture of tomato and vanilla. Summer, with its generous combination of sunlight and an occasional thunderstorm, brings forth a tomato bounty that can almost overwhelm us. There is only so much salad we can consume. But, but, this marmalade, sweet but never losing the…

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Red Onion Marmalade

Okay, you are going to object to the phrase “onion marmalade” because you make marmalade with oranges, which is why you technically say “orange marmalade.” I am happy to say that you are wrong. By centuries. The very, very first marmalade was made by the Romans cooking quinces with honey. The Romans knew how to…

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Onion Marmalade from Nick Malgieri’s Bread

In his new book Bread Nick Malgieri offers this recipe for onion marmalade. How to use it? Nick suggests making grilled cheese sandwiches. Or, as a topping for his focaccia. Suzen is experimenting with adding this intense flavor to her salad vinaigrettes. You could use this to top off your burger, or have it on…

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