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Creamy Maple Syrup Dressing

  You always want delicious. To achieve delicious and have it be super simple is quite extraordinary. There are times when the ordinary vinaigrette, though splendid, becomes a tad boring. And there are times when a cheese dip for your crudité is just too “same old thing.” We owe thanks, therefore, to the Ontario Maple…

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Frosted Maple Drops

As you wander the fall farmers markets, you are sure to see bottles and even jugs of a wonderful American product: maple syrup. When Suzen and I travel to Europe, we take a bundle of small bottles to give away to old and new friends. Eyes widen when they see the liquid gold and we…

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Cookbook Review: Pure Vanilla Offering Vanilla Bourbon Maple Syrup

Mankind can probably never repay the Totonac Indians. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any Totonacs left. In 1519, they were conquered by the Aztecs. Now, the Aztecs did take prisoners, but only so they could take their hearts. So, I’m afraid there are no descendants left. They were clever people. Orchid lovers. Foodies. Somehow,…

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