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Best Baked Beans Period

When our friends Cynthia and Robert asked if we could come to dinner, Suzen automatically said yes. And I was so happy. Robert is gentleman, with a talent for sangria. Cynthia is an exceptional party cook. Everything, and I mean everything, at her meals is wonderful. This Saturday there were spiced cashews on the first…

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Vermont Maple Syrup Frosting: The Clementine Paddleford Project

By now, this year’s batch of maple syrup has arrived at the farmers markets. Fresh, new and with the same questions of vintage and terroir that accompany the arrival of any wine. What hath a warm winter wrought? And what to do with that syrup? A frosting, of course. Here is one from a woman…

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Maple Custard Pie

Husbands can never be fully trusted. Their intentions may seem saintly, but the facts too often belie that mystic hope. My husband, for example is constantly attempting to manipulate me. I grew up in Brooklyn, he in Oregon. I was immersed in culture, he in Oregon. I ate bagels for breakfast, he ate pie. Or…

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