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Chocolate Kissed Macaroons

No, no chocolate is evident in the picture. The complete recipe is below, with the chocolate, but the teenagers consuming the cookies were, to be direct, gloriously impatient. Some of the macaroons were dipped in chocolate, many were not, and the only ones left were unadorned with chocolate. The Manhattan/Hunter College High School for the…

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Macarons by Pierre Herme

  Last week I blogged about my favorite macaron books. I’d waited a bit, trying to get the latest and greatest books for comparison. I wanted one more book, but it was not going to appear until next year and I did not want to delay offering advice with the holidays upon us Guest what?…

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Chocolate Macaroon Bars

Sometimes even I can tire of a simple brownie. I want that chocolate high but still something different. But not too different. Oh, dear, I’m over the edge. I need my caffeine. Now. Which is why this particular recipe will supply all the caffeine you could possibly need. Do not eat these high-powered morsels after…

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