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Macaron Perfection: Beginning with the Egg Whites

  It’s spring, which is sufficient excuse to make some macarons. Yes, I can give you a reason from every season for making these delights. But spring, with its spectrum of a thousand shades of green and other noble colors, is a spectacular time for macaron treats. There have been several posts on this blogs…

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Best Macaroon Cookbooks Compared

If you shop for macaroon [aka macaron] cookbooks, you’ll find a bevy in your bookstore or online. The pictures of intensely colored macaroons with intriguing flavor combinations can be overwhelming. Suzen and I own a dozen of these books and we can help you sort out which books to consider and why. The table at…

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Macarons by Cecile Cannone

Dessert. It is, of course, the most important part of the meal. Why? Because it is your last memory of that dining experience. And, dessert is the one dish that you may be revisiting. I mean, at two in the morning, you don’t go for another slice of steak or another spoonful of potato salad.…

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